Every now and then, one must stand up against the injustices in the world and declare, with utmost conviction, that everyone else is simply and utterly wrong. Such is the case with ‘Hook’, an oft-maligned Steven Spielberg movie from 1991. Shunned by critics and not appreciated by audiences until well after its release, ‘Hook’ sees an adult Peter Pan (Peter Banning, played with absolute perfection by Robin Williams), with a family, a career as a lawyer, and complete amnesia to his time spent in Neverland as a kid. When Captain James Hook comes into our world to steal Peter’s kids in an act of revenge, Peter must remember his true identity and reclaim his power with the help of Tinkerbell (Julia Roberts) and the Lost Boys. Hook himself is played by Dustin Hoffman with such uncanny talent, blending a delightful wickedness with an egotistic charm, that his performance alone makes this a great movie. But everyone brings their A game to this spectacle, be it Bob Hoskins as the smarmy Smee, or Maggie Smith as an older, affectionate Wendy. And the score, by John Williams, is just unforgettable, filled with the childlike wonder that makes this movie so special. If I were to name one film that is the antithesis to cynicism, ‘Hook’ would be it. It’s a rousing, spirited adventure that reminds us of how truly magical life can be.

Film director: Steven Spielberg
Supporting actors: Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, Maggie Smith, Bob Hoskins, Julia Roberts
Film length: 142'
Release date: 12/11/1991

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